Cold Cosmos: Book 2 – Payment to Perdition

Cold Cosmos: Book 2 – Payment to Perdition

Idiom Justus Lee is back. For those who begin with this book, the author starts off with a synopsis of the story so far. This time Idiom’s adventures begin and almost end with him being betrayed. Between the bookend betrayals, however, are alien damsels in distress to rescue, insectoid queens to meet, and rhino-man friend-bond rituals to survive.

Along with the small ensemble cast of characters, one of the issues from the first book is still with us. At times, the aliens become anthropomorphic and either know things or speak or act in ways that suggest more than a passing familiarity with Earth and Earthlings.

This is a fast read that sees Idiom becoming more comfortable in his non-Earth environment while bringing a little bit of Earth to the cosmos just by being the 19th century Coloradan in space that he is.

An astute reader will find a few nods to other speculative works, one in particular to The Princess Bride. Though many things are resolved by the end of the book, the fun in this space opera romp leaves off right where the next adventure should begin.

A version of this review appears on the Liminal Fiction website.

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