A pronoun-fluid, enby, sexagenarian POC who resides in 45.5231° N, 122.6765° W, I read, write, review, and edit speculative fiction.

I am or have been:

As a writer, I riff on boundaries and relationships of all kinds. A few of my speculative fiction passions involve such extraterrestrial ambitions as hyperspace jumps, intergalactic relationships, and alien astronomy.

As an editor, I bring a unique blend of “been there, done that” and crafty application of ideas, direction, and the fine weaving of story threads to enhance and polish the author’s journey. I’m another set of eyes, an objective look to ensure the journey is seamlessly woven with a story teller’s skill. I can help you put the right spin on your words so that the story, and not your meaning, remains speculative.

Here’s what some clients have said about my editorial work:

I’ve seen Cyd’s work both as a fellow reviewer on Tangent Online, and on a more personal level through having him critique several of my stories. Cyd has a gift for seeing right to the heart of a story, analyzing exactly what is and isn’t working in it. Just as importantly, he is able to offer concise and pinpointed suggestions for remedying what isn’t working. My most recent anthology acceptance was in large part due to Cyd’s feedback about what needed to be torqued to solve the main problem with the story.

— Colleen Chen

Cyd is hands-down the best editor I have ever had, which is why I’ve employed his talents for every story I’ve written for the last two years. Without his critical eye, my short story “Worlds Apart” would not have been fit for publication, let alone ready in time for the contest it was submitted to. Naturally, with Cyd’s talent at my disposal, “World Apart” won first place and the honor of an audio production (by the Dead Robots Society Podcast). Cyd has a fine eye for detail, catching inconsistencies and questioning any unclear, illogical or otherwise subpar phrasing, plot, or characterization. Cyd knows how to see through a writer’s ego and pushes a writer to be his or her best. Despite his thoroughness, his turn-around is excellent and you will find that he is more often waiting on you than you on him.

— Michelle Ristuccia

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